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The Barden of Eden Guest Suite and adjoining house were newly built in 2008, when Gary and Ruth Barden built their dream home on Barden Street in Eden Mills, Ontario. 

While it might seem that Gary and Ruth are "new" to the neighborhood, the Barden family have been in Eden Mills for almost 100 years.  The Bardens bought the mill in 1917 and Gary's father Ted and grandfather Henry ran it first as a grist mill, and then later as a saw mill.

Gary grew up in the town of Eden Mills and left to play Junior A hockey as a teenager.  He enjoyed the town and its surrounding wilderness, so it was always his dream to return.  When permission was granted to build on the perfect 4.5 acre piece of land by the river on Barden Street, the long   anticipated dream  became a reality. 


Ruth and Gary both enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of the village and don’t miss teaching, sales jobs or restaurant ownership at all.  The scenery and wildlife are a welcome change frorade from the cars and the city they once had surrounding their home. 

"The neighborhood is so friendly and welcoming and there are so many wonderful things to do and places to see within a stone’s throw of our front door" comments Ruth.

Gary is now a handyman and there always seem to be projects to work on.  Ruth and Gary are excited about the newly opened Barden of Eden Guest Suite as they can now share the welcoming and historic village that the Barden Family has enjoyed for generations.


The Barden of Eden

169 Barden St.

Eden Mills ON, N0B 1P0 

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