The Barden of Eden



Quotes Thank you once again for a lovely weekend getaway! After our visit this past summer, we just couldn't resist coming back to celebrate New Year's! It's a perfect quiet and relaxing getaway. We will see you again! Happy 2012! Quotes
Melissa & Junior

Quotes What a gem!! Thank you so much. We have had lovely walks & meals. We feel like we're in Englad---love the history! Your suite was perfect! Quotes
Wayne & Denise

Quotes What a wonderful weekend. It was our first time in Eden Mills, but won't be the last! The river, the view, this beautiful bedroom....everything was perfect! Quotes
Karen & Nora

Quotes When I went on line to search for a B&B in Eden Mills, never, "in my wildest dreams" did I think I would find a suite or accommodation as lovely as this! Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful hospitality! July 2011 Quotes
May and Jim